As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Early in the year I was trying to work out a problem which I have been experiencing in a project I have been involved in. Off course in typical human fashion I decided to try and figure it out for myself before handing it over to God. So I got to thinking about final and lasting outcomes. You know, the kind of outcomes that come with God’s stamp of authority. Sealed and approved so to speak. So there were several possible outcomes for each of the participants involved which I plotted into some kind of 2-d matrix.

Good                     Bad

Participant 1

Participant 2

Participant 3

Participant 4



As you can see, there are very many possible table outcomes and each has its own implications for each and every player. Thinking about each possible table outcome quickly became tedious. I felt as though each table outcome was a dimension in itself. Off course it might be a lot simpler to reduce everything to first causes and consider the likelihoods of good and bad outcomes for each player based on a priori knowledge. But sometimes you get to a point where you are splitting hairs and any analytical edge you get is a boon.

Which brings us back to our verse in the above text. As the heavens are above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Remember that this was Isaiah, he of the famed words, “Come let us reason together.” He was the first prophet in Israel’s age of reason.

I wish to interpret “ways” as “dimensions”. May God have mercy on my poor soul where I err. A dimension is defined by the minimum number of references required to identify a point in it. So for example on a line you could state the line at point 5. A line is one dimensional. A graph is 2D hence you get a point being defined as x = 5 and y = 5. Then there is the z-axis of depth which gives rise to 3D items. Every tangible object in this world is 3d. This we already know.

Progression from here is what makes for interesting hypotheses. The 4th dimension is said to be time; which is where things get interesting. For example, you like a particular joke by Trevor Noah. (Interesting comedian by the way, check him out.) You will reference it as a particular youtube video at minute 5 and 30 seconds. That is the dimension of time. In this manner life could be said to be consciousness existing within the dimension of time. (So assuming that life is consciousness, why would anyone want to get high???) That is quite literally wasting life. Anyway be that as it may, I suspect a lot of the appeal of facebook, youtube, vine etc is their ability to freeze time (from a strictly logical perspective that is).

Someone described eternity as being similar to watching a presidential procession from various viewpoints. You could be out on the corner, or round the corner, or you could be watching from a chopper in the sky. The same thing is happening, but the different viewpoints give very very different experiences of the same drama. One person will be seeing outriders approaching while, another is seeing the president in front of him/her waving at the crowd, while yet another person is watching the receding number plates of the last cars in the convoy. The guys in the chopper are watching the whole convoy at the same time – they are the closest to eternity in the whole ensemble. Remember that this is only one dimension, the dimension of time.

Hypothetically time could also have 3 dimensions, like height, depth and width. Extending this thinking, a lateral transfer of time would be the equivalent of seeing the same event through somebody else’s eyes. There is a sense in which time and space are interchangeable. For example the phrase “but Philip was found at Azotus” is a kind of lateral transfer of time and space. Moves on the z-axis of time would be akin to past and future. Retrogression on the z-axis would be to re-experience an event in the past. Progression of the z-axis would be to have precognition of events, much like prophets, seers and these ‘waganga hodari’ who cure wasiwasi. Perhaps the y-axis would be to experience an event or concept through the eyes of a group of people. I will not claim to understand this. These are just theories.

The physics required for this kind of ‘lateral transfer’ which Philip experienced is interesting. They say that time is a function of proximity with a body with gravity. So for example we here on earth are travelling at x kph experiencing a normal day. A satelite above us is traveling at possibly twice or three times the speed of x just to stay stationary above a given point in order to experience today at the same rate we are experiencing today. By the same token, a speck of gas or unmeltable gas right next to the sun has time completely slowed down for it. It remains at day x of the year all through its existence unless it finds a way of orbiting around the sun. However its rate of change of time is a lot slower than a speck of gas on earth orbiting the sun.

Bringing these principles down to ordinary human existence, including Darwinian selection, human survival and standard interpersonal conflict, it is relatively easy to use space to one’s advantage. It is standard military doctrine to choose your battlefields wisely. Any halfwit general learns that in history 101. Do not take cavalry to fight in a swamp. You do not place archers on a plain if a hill can be found. The Battle of Tours was won because of choice of terrain. Cannae I believe was also won by Hannibal based on his choice of terrain.

The most stunning victories however use time as a weapon. For starters the choice of time for conflict is also interesting. Certain times will be favourable while others will not. For example, the reason that media houses capitulated over the digital switchover is because time was on the government’s side. The govt didn’t need to do anything while the media had bills and salaries to pay, monthly. Think Mandela’s 27 years on Robben Island. Think of the Duke of Wellington holing up in Portugal for winter. Think of the Vietcong losing heavily in battles of attrition but ultimately winning the war of public opinion. In Game of Thrones, Tywin Lannister lost every battle against Robb Stark then won the war. In the Godfather, Don Corleone lays low like an envelope while bringing Michael back from Sicily. The most stunning victories use time as a weapon.

Gary Kasparov, the chess Grand Master is a firm believer of preferring “time” (in the form of preserving options and using time as a weapon) over “material” (in the form of particular chess pieces) not only in the game of chess, but in the game of life as well. The thing about time is that it plays on the nature of the combatants. The use of time as a weapon therefore becomes some kind of jujitsu play. It uses the opponent’s mass/strength/nature/momentum against himself.

But enough about conflict. Quantum theory tells us that the universes, and all that are in them exist in terms of 10 strings, with each string being a different dimension. Some theories postulate that there are 33 strings. So imagine that, we here meddle in the 4th dimension with our Vine videos and Youtube clips. God is operating a minimum of 6 dimensions higher than us.

Isaiah 55 is also the portion of scripture which tells us that God’s word does not return to Him void. If we take this scripture and match it up against John 1:1, then when Jesus was telling the disciples “I go back to my Father,” it was the full loop happening in real time. One interesting aspect to this is that whenever a lineage was identified as being the line through which the Messiah would appear, there was warfare against this line. Remember Athaliah and Josiah, the Israelites in Egypt around Moses birth, Herod’s activity during Jesus birth. For example, why didn’t Shem’s lineage take up leadership immediately after the flood? Jesus, the Word, arrived. Then He accomplished His purpose and then returned to the Father. He snuck in deep behind enemy lines, saw and conquered! This thought never ceases to amaze me.

His ways are way way above our ways.



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